ADPPA and Data Security

ADPPA and Data SecurityThe American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA) is working its way through the house and senate with bipartisan support. The bill would provide comprehensive regulations for consumer data at the Federal level. The bill still has some hurdles to overcome, but experts believe a version of the strong consumer protection will pass in the near future. The bill focuses on companies only collecting the data they need and comes down hard on third-party collection like the kind used for unlimited advertisement. Have you ever searched for a product, and then that product follows you around the web for weeks, advertised on every site you visit? One part of ADPPA would largely limit data sharing that currently makes third-party advertisement possible.

“The reason I really like this bill is, it takes a data-minimization approach first,” says Sara Collins, senior policy council at Public Knowledge, a consumer advocacy group in DC. “The bill at the outset is like, ‘One, you don’t collect any more data than you reasonably need, and two, here’s a list of reasons you might need this data.'”

The landmark bill is strong on consumer protection, but what will it mean for your business, and how should you start preparing for comparable legislation?

In the current version of the bill, businesses with more than 15 employees will be affected and will be limited in the type of data they are allowed to collect. Companies will also be limited to only collecting and processing necessary data by 17 permitted purposes. Start looking forward to the new legislation by limiting the data your business collects now. A company is only responsible for protecting the data they collect, so don’t ask for it if it’s not needed.

Next, add layered security to protect the data required to do business. Part of the bill requires companies to identify and mitigate privacy risks when protecting data and be able to defend the decisions made when designing the infrastructure. The Quanexus Q-Stack is an example of a layered security infrastructure designed to protect data.

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Posted by Charles Wright