Apple iPhone Court Order

Many believe that the FBIs request to have a back door built into the iPhones operating system, that only the FBI would have access to, is not a big deal.

Most people don’t have anything to hide, but that is not the issue.  The issue is privacy, many people do use their smart phones for on-line shopping and banking and many companies use their smartphones to access their business network.

By demanding a back door, that is only accessible to the FBI, means that there will be a known backdoor door on the device.

Once there is a known back door, there will be hoards of foreign governments and hacking groups working on ways to exploit the backdoor, making these smartphones no longer trustworthy.

I am sure that our own government would not trust any device with a known backdoor, regardless of how well it is designed.  They would insist that their smartphones not have the backdoor.

While I understand the FBI’s reason for wanting the backdoor, I believe that Apple has taken the proper stance on this issue by not complying with the FBI’s request.

Posted by Jack Gerbs