Business Decisions – Work from Home?

A single, infected home computer connected to your business network can infect and cripple the entire business network.

Being a business owner means making hard decisions. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many owners wrestled with alternative ways to keep their businesses operational. Obviously, work from home is a great solution, but this option presents many risks.

Typically to work from home, there are two choices- use a company owned computer that is controlled and managed by the company or let employees use their personal computers.  Allowing personal computers on the business network represents a high risk. Personal computers are unknown devices, raising the following concerns:

  • Are they running a supported and properly patched operating system?
  • Are applications and programs on the computer patched and updated (Adobe, Java, Office, etc.)?
  • What kind of threat protection is on the home network?
  • Who in the family has access to the machines?

While there are mitigating controls that can be put in place to bring the inherent risk down, the risk cannot be eliminated.

If you are fortunate enough to be working from home, I cannot stress the importance of keeping your guard up. The criminals are aware of the great opportunity they have. They will be working harder than ever to exploit your home system, hoping that you are connected to a business network. If you suspect or experience anything that seems abnormal, you need to notify your office immediately of a potential incident.

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Posted by Jack Gerbs