What would happen if your computer network went down, or your donor’s or client’s sensitive information was compromised?

Are you prepared?

Something like your network being compromised or not meeting compliance requirements, can put the people your organization helps at risk of losing the valuable benefits that you provide.

Unique Challenges
No matter the type of services your organization offers, you undoubtedly have challenges such as how to best secure your network while staying within regulatory compliance and budget constraints. Quanexus can partner with you to create the custom and secure network your non-profit needs.

There is a wide array of regulations your organization may need to comply with. We can help you to identify them and develop the systems and controls to ensure you stay in compliance.

Where to Start
In many cases the process to improving your network and security postures begins with a complimentary network assessment. During the assessment the Quanexus team will review your current system and procedures and create a suggested list of action items. From there we can work with you to create the solutions that are right for your organization.