Cyber Statistics Snapshot for August 2018

If you have been to any of our presentations you have heard Jack mention statistics from the website, each month they issue a report of statistics in cyber crime incidents for the previous month. In an effort to create easier to digest bits of information the highlights of those reports will be illustrated monthly on our blog in the form of an infographic.

Below is the information compiled for August 2018. As in most months the leading motivation for the attacks are cyber crime at 77%, followed by cyber espionage, cyber warfare and hacktivism.

35% of those attacks are carried out via malware – think viruses, spyware, etc. and 23% of those attacks are going after the individual.

How do you go about NOT becoming a statistic?

  1. Educate yourself and your team. Learn about the tools and techniques criminals use to manipulate their victims.
  2. Use strong passwords. Knowing how to create strong passwords and using them is one of the easiest and most basic first steps to becoming more secure.
  3. Ask questions. Does something seem suspicious? Know the signs to look for and what to do if you suspect you may be compromised.

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Cyber attack infographic

Cyber attack infographic

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