Cyber-Threats Continue to Rise

Criminals are getting more and more sophisticated with their attacks methods.  The number one-way criminals are being successful is still through social engineering.   Social engineering is getting someone to do something they would not normally do.  Two new terms in the cybersecurity world are, corporate account takeover and business email compromise.

Many business owners believe that their staff understands how to recognize spear phishing attacks.  In reality, we are seeing successful spear phishing attacks against key employees.   In the last six months we have seen successful attacks against small financial institutions, food processing and distribution service companies, trade-show associations and more.  It is imperative that security needs to be taken seriously by everyone.

While there is no full proof way to prevent a successful attack there are several key things that must be done to minimize the risk of a successful attack.  Today’s best practice calls for a layered approach, at Quanexus we call this our Q-Stack.  The basics of a security stack include:

  • Policies/procedures
  • Firewall
  • Security awareness training for employees, and management
  • A managed antivirus solution
  • A patch management solution
  • A backup solution

Quanexus has just published a white paper with specific details on how the criminals have been successful and you must do to minimize the chance of your organization becoming a victim.  Include details on how to download the whitepaper.  This should require them to enter their email address.

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Posted by Jack Gerbs