Federal Cybersecurity Warning

Federal Cybersecurity WarningThe Federal Government issued a new cyberattack warning Monday based on, “evolving intelligence that the Russian Government is exploring options for potential cyberattacks.” The statement reiterated the role public business has in cybersecurity to maintain critical infrastructure around the country.

The statement referenced the “Shields Up” campaign from the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). The new cybersecurity campaign highlights resources for general business owners, corporate leaders, ransomware response, and personal and family best practices. The page also pins recent news items to the top to create a one-stop site for general news and information from the Federal Government. Click here to view Shields Up.

Also, on Monday the FBI and CISA issued a joint statement warning of  “possible threats to U.S. and international satellite communication (SATCOM) networks.” The warning comes after reports the FBI launched an investigation into the cyberattack that targeted Viasat’s KA-SAT network at the start of the Russian invasion. The attack took down satellite communication across parts of Europe and has still not fully been restored. “CISA and FBI strongly encourages critical infrastructure organizations and other organizations that are either SATCOM network providers or customers to review and implement the mitigations outlined in this CSA to strengthen SATCOM network cybersecurity.”

The Fact Sheet from the Federal Government advised mandating multi-factor authentication, patching and updating systems and tools, and backing up data offline. The Fact Sheet also highlighted the importance of educating employees on tactics used by criminals including emails and phone calls impersonating clients or services they may normally work with. Watch our latest podcast on oversharing business information online.

All cybercriminals are looking for easy targets. These best practices, fact sheets, and recommendations use the same core principles we work from and are highlighted in our Q-stack. The goal is to make your proprietary business data more and more difficult for the criminal the access.

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Posted by Charles Wright