Five Cybersecurity Statistics

five cybersecurity statistics77% of organizations saw more or the same number of cyberattacks over the past year.

Business owners recognize the new cybersecurity threat landscape. Criminals are targeting businesses in countries with more developed economies at a greater rate. The US and Canada are at the top of the list at 53%, with enterprise and midsized businesses being the most likely targeted at 50%.

15% of organizations shut down their business because of a cyberattack.

Businesses are feeling the impact of the large increase in attacks over the past couple years. Organizations cited employee downtime as the largest financial repercussions after an attack. Reputation damage, and theft of intellectual property were also on the list, but one in seven businesses reported they had to close their doors completely after an attack.

62% of organizations anticipate a ransomware attack in the next 12 months.

Ransomware is at the top of every list because criminals follow the money. Many businesses have no choice but to pay ransoms, which keeps the cycle of attacks high. Identity theft anticipation is a close second at 60%.

70% of organizations plan to increase their cybersecurity budget this year.

Businesses in all sectors are seeing the need to increase cybersecurity. Companies in financial services, transportation, and technology are at the top of the list for increased security. CEOs are realizing the minimum is no longer acceptable to protect the assets their business runs on.

58% of organizations believe they will face an insider security threat over the next year.

Increases in cybercrime will give employees the opportunity to initiate a breach both through misconduct and intentional theft. The move of many businesses to work remotely only increases this risk. Businesses have less control over their data than they did 18 months ago. The increase of cybercrime combined with remote data opens the door for abuse.

Business owners are being forced to take cybersecurity seriously. The solutions to the cybersecurity threat landscape change daily. If you are looking for a security approach that fits a need as well as a budget, reach out and see if we would be a good candidate.

Source: IDG Research Services; CSO Online

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Posted by Charles Wright