New Focus on Password Security










Last week Google announced a Chrome tool that will help manage passwords. Security breaches continue to be the result of poor password practices. Users continue to use simple passwords or use the same password for multiple services. We are seeing big tech focus on this human error issue like never before. Read about the new tool from Google on their site Here.

The new Chrome tool will allow users to update multiple passwords from one location. This is an improvement of the Safety Check tool they rolled out last year that enabled users to check the strength of a password, and alert users if a password had been found in a data breach. Apple has a similar password tool. iPhone users started seeing messages like these late last year.







There are trusted password managers on the market, but a recent study showed only 12% of Americans were using one. We talked about protecting online identity and password managers in a recent podcast, you can see it here. For average tech users, a separate password manager often feels like one extra thing. Google says they have already seen 38% reduction of compromised passwords since the introduction of the Chrome tool late last year. These large companies are studying the habits of users and responding to the need.

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Posted by Charles Wright