How Backups Combat Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are not slowing down. A critical step in the Q-Stack IT infrastructure is the backup. We protect data with many layers of defenses, but we also back up the data to recover from a ransomware attack or hardware failure.

The first step is to have a backup plan. There are different backup solutions for different kinds of data. Not all data is the same, and not all data should be backed up the same. When exploring backup solutions, consider how sensitive the data is, how quickly it will need to be recovered, and how much data will need to be recovered.

In the Colonial Pipeline attack, Colonial paid the ransom very quickly, only to find out the decryption key worked so slowly they were able to restore from backups faster. A complete backup solution that includes cloud, local, and air gap provides redundancy as well as recoverability.

Cloud backups store the data off site and can work very well for some types of data. The compromise with cloud solutions is they can be slow for large amounts of data. Cloud backups also have a built-in risk in the event the provider suffers a breach. Because of this inherent risk, many industries choose to keep their most sensitive data off of cloud solutions, and on backups not even connected to the internet. Watch our Podcast on Air Gap Backups Here.

Local backups are inexpensive and can recover large amounts of data quickly. However, local backups are subject to fire or water damage if the building suffers an emergency. Additionally, local backups can be hacked, erased, or the data stolen if they are connected to the internet or the business network.

A final step is to make sure the data is recoverable before an incident. In many cases the first time a business attempts to recover data is after an attack. An IT provider can simulate backup recovery to confirm the backups are properly working and validate the backup process.

Backup solutions and combating criminals is becoming more difficult for small and medium sized businesses. It’s important to have a plan, and understand the data being guarded. If your business needs help developing a backup solution, please reach out and see if our solutions might be a good fit for your organization.

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Posted by Charles Wright