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IoT SecurityHow many devices did you add to your home Wi-Fi network this holiday season? By the end of 2021, there will be an estimated 12 billion IoT devices connected to the Internet. IoT (Internet of Things) devices are often referred to as ‘smart’ devices and are becoming more common in household appliances. Smart refrigerators, locks, and thermostats are all gaining market share each year, but the influx of network-connected devices add an entry point for criminals. IoT devices often add a security threat to a network because they are not as secure as a laptop or smartphone.

Criminals can use large quantities of IoT devices as a botnet to overload and offline targeted websites. The primary devices targeted in these attacks are inexpensive IoT devices with default passwords. Criminals learn the password for one device and can take control of thousands of the same device across the internet.

On a smaller scale, hackers may compromise a single device to learn personal information about the user. If the device stores name, address, email, or phone number, this information may be available to a criminal. This information can be used with other information from the thermostat or security cameras to learn when homeowners are away normally.

Criminals can also use poorly secured IoT devices as a jumping-off point to move laterally through the network. This can be a threat to home and business owners alike. If employees connect unsecured IoT devices to the business Wi-Fi, they can pose a threat to the business network.

Generally, off-brand or inexpensive devices are less secure. They more often than not will have a default password and are not kept up to date with security patches and updates. Consumers should take time to research the security credentials of devices they are adding to their network. This is more important now that many employees are working from home and are adding devices to the same consumer-grade network they are also using for work.

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Posted by Charles Wright