Maximum Business Communication with the Vertical Summit

A phone system is one of the most valuable communication tools a small business has at its disposable.

Despite the rise in popularity of email and text messaging, businesses still use their phones to regularly communicate with both customers and employees. While feature-rich phone systems were previously only affordable for large companies, today’s systems are designed for businesses both big and small.

Small businesses with just a few employees can now have the same phone system that is just as sophisticated and offers as many bells and whistles as those of large corporations.  The Vertical Summit is ideally suited for five to fifty users and is easily expandable to accommodate 140 users.

Stay connected, in and out of the office, with the tap of a finger or click of the mouse.  The Vertical Summit offers all of the basic features and functions of a sophisticated communications platform such as Call Transfer, Caller ID, Music on Hold, etc., and delivers advanced functions including an integrated multi-level Auto Attendant and Voice Mail with both mobile and email notification.  The Vertical Summit Communicator enables secure, single-number mobility so you can talk, text, chat and broadcast messages from anywhere, with access to other system features including corporate directories, call logs, paging, call recording, three-way calling and one-touch call transfers.

Posted by Jack Gerbs