Microsoft Experienced Two Large Outages Last Week

Microsoft 365 users experienced outages across the U.S., Australia and Asia Tuesday evening. Microsoft released an update Tuesday that knocked out Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Yammer, and Skype for Business for a couple of hours. They reverted the update fixing the problem, but then appear to have released the update again Thursday and created similar issues.

On Thursday the website Down Detector started seeing Microsoft outages around 8:30 am. Users were not able to access SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business all day in some cases. Microsoft says they pushed a network update that inadvertently took these tools offline for users. They were able to fix the problem, but not until 1 am Friday morning, leaving some users without business tools all day Thursday.

What does this mean for your business?

It’s important to have a quality backup system in place like we talk about in our Q-Stack. The goal of every backup is to make sure you can access your data. Computers can experience hardware or software issues. These issues can occur locally, or remotely like we see here with the Microsoft outage. Our job at Quanexus is to create backup solutions with the minimum downtime possible, so you can get back to business as usual. Every backup solution is custom fit to our customer’s need and price point. Contact us today if you have questions about your current backup solution and what you could do to improve it.

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Posted by Charles Wright