New Alarm Panel Features

Should you consider getting a new alarm system? There are many exciting features available on new alarm panels such as email or text messages to let you know when the alarm is armed and disarmed. If you forget to arm it, you can activate or even de-activate the alarm from a remote location. With a new thermostat connected to your alarm system, you monitor and make changes to the heating and cooling of your business or residence when you’re away. This is especially helpful during inclement weather.

Partitioning is another great feature that lets you divide up the alarm panel into sections that can be controlled separately. If you have an area like a server room or wine cellar, we can install a keypad by that room on its own partition. The separate partitions send out notifications so you know when they are being accessed, and that data can also be logged.

New systems also have the capability to monitor and send text or email messages based on monitoring any one or multiple sensors in a very granular fashion.  For home use this might be helpful to monitor the activity of an older parent that is living alone.  You can monitor an internal sensor between certain hours to make sure there is activity in the house, or to make sure your children made it home from school. All these features plus video monitoring that can be viewed from your mobile phone or tablet are now available.

Posted by Jack Gerbs