Quanexus News – 2016 Newsletters


Pokemon Go
Quanexus’ Services and our Partner’s Solutions
Giant Mergers

Quanexus – DBJ Best Places to Work Honoree
Ransomeware and Social Engineering
Social Engineering Training
427 Million Passwords Leaked
Upgrade Your Operating System, Replace Your Computer and other Tough Questions
Frustrated with your Home Computer?
Here We Grow Again

Cyber-Threats Top Targets
File History in Windows 8 and 10
Ransomeware Hits Mac
Password Reuse – What is it and Why is it Important?
Q-Works for Home
Smartwatch Attack

The Cloud
Email in the Cloud
Backup for Your Internet Access
Cloud and other Backup Solutions
Office 365 for Business

Quanexus News – 2015 Newsletters


Quanexus is Moving!
Making Sense of Office 365, Hosted Exchange and Hosted Sharepoint
Dell Announces it Will Buy EMC for $67 Billion
Compliance for Smaller Organizations
Controversial Cybersecurity Bill in the Senate
IBM is Buying Macs for Their Employees
Western Digital is Buying SanDisk for $19 Billion
Microsoft’s Big Push, Cloud Services and Office 365
How is Amazon Becoming Profitable?
Office 365 Home Edition

Apple Officially Supports Windows 10 on OSX Yosemite
Flash Memory vs. Hard Disk Drives
Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi Contacts
Windows 10: New Features and Improvements
Cyber Attacks & IT Coincidences?  (Lessons Learned)

Windows 10 is On the Way, Things You Need to Know
Upgrade – Version, Options and Costs
Expected Changes in Windows 10
Installation Process (Beware)
Don’t Use Personal Passwords at Work
Phishing Emails are on the Rise
Google Fiber
Adult Friend Finder Has Been Breached
Credit Card Security
United States Computer Emergency Readiness: Team Alert TA15-119A

FREAK Attack
Office 2016 Public Preview for Mac
Update on the Anthem Breach
Never Wast a Good Crisis
Windows 10, Is Your Computer Ready
Cybersecurity Framework Expansion?
Lenovo Shipped Laptops with Pre-Installed Man-In-The-Middle Software
HP’s Cybersecurity Risk Report 2015 – Unpatched Systems High on the List

Quanexus Completes CompTIA’s Security Trustmark+
Backup Internet Access
Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity
Shadow IT
Encrypted Email
Quanexus Remote Backup Solution and Data Center Move
Phone Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Quanexus News – 2014 Newsletters


Daylight Savings Time
Snapchat Not So Secure
Password Reuse
The Common Causes of a Breach
Firewall Upgrade Special
New Flash Hack
Staples: Another Day, Another Breach
Assume You’ve Been Breached (A New Perspective)
Mobile Device Security

Microsoft Internet Explorer Update (Patch Tuesday)
Microsoft End of Support for Internet Explorer 8
Twitter Bots
Maximum Business Communication with the Vertical Summit
Microsoft End of Support for Internet Explorer 8
Who is Winning the Numbers Game – Windows, Android or Chrome?
Don’t Sleep with you Phone
New USB Type-C Connector is on the Way
What’s New with Video Surveillance?

Ransomeware on the Android
TrueCrypt is No Longer Secure
Registry Hack Enables Continued Updates for Windows XP
Linux Mint 17: Hands-on with UEFI Secure Boot
Apple is Acquiring Beats for $2.6B and $400M in Stock
eBay Exposure Urges Password Change
May 2014 Threat Stats
Netflix and Verizon are at it Again (Net Neutrality)
Net Neutrality
Patch Tuesday

Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability and Password Changes
Fortigate Firewalls and Heartbleed Vulnerability
Storm Season
Quanexus Service Portal
Microsoft Office for the iPad (Free, But Not So Free)
Microsoft Patch Updates and Windows XP
Windows 8.1 Update 1
Network Monitoring and Security Alerts
US-CERT Network Time Protocol Distributed Denial of Service Attacks & Hacked DVR

Microsoft Web Apps is Being Rebranded as Office Online
Important Microsoft Dates Reminder
Apple Gotofail Vulnerability
Smartsheet Project Management and Collaboration
RAID, What’s the Best Option?
Smartphone Theft Reaches Dangerous Levels