Not all phone systems are created equal.

Not all phone systems are created equal. That being said, most phone systems on the market today will all have the same basic features and capabilities.  So what makes them different? The biggest difference is how they are connected within your office or building. VoIP telephones require power from either a wall adaptor at each phone or from a power over Ethernet data switch. Since they are connected over the data cabling, distance is limited to 100 meters.

Traditional telephones (digital or analog) are powered by a telephone switch usually located in a central equipment room. These telephones will have greater distance capabilities often up to 2500 feet and they do not require special cabling or network hardware to operate.

The good news is that Quanexus offers solutions that connect analog, digital and VoIP phones on the same system. Another great feature is the ability to connect multiple offices together and or place phones at the homes of teleworkers.  This enables better workflow and reduced operating costs.

Posted by Terry Watson