Organizations Can Get Extended Security Updates for Windows 7 Pro and Enterprise

For businesses that need more time before upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft has recently released  “Extended Security Updates.” In other words: Microsoft will continue creating security updates, but you can only get them if you pay up.

For Professional Versions of windows 7 its $61 per device for the first year.  The 2nd year  the cost increase $100 per device and for the third year the price will increase to $200 per device.

For Enterprise Windows 7 computers the cost is $25 first year, $50 Second year and $100 third year.

Windows 7 extended support will not be available after calendar year 2022.

These are designed as a stopgap. These updates will get more expensive every year. Microsoft wants businesses, governments, and other organizations to move to a modern version of Windows.

Microsoft won’t sell you these updates directly, and they’re not available through normal retail channels.  They can only be purchased through a Microsoft Authorized Partner like Quanexus.

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Posted by Jack Gerbs