Ransomware – The Triple Threat

Ransomware Triple ThreatWhen you think about ransomware, the first thing that comes to mind is the encryption of your files and data. The encryption process makes your files and data inaccessible. You then have three options: pay the ransom and hope you get your data back, restore your data from a good backup or suffer with the loss.

The options mentioned above are the single threat that most of us think of.

The New Triple Threat:

The triple threat applies more for businesses. It includes two more options that criminals may use to extort money from you. The second level of extortion is for the criminal to threaten the sale or release of your data on the public or dark web. Releasing the data on the public web would cause the company extreme embarrassment. The dark web would be used for the criminals to sell your data.

The third level of extortion is threatening to use the stolen data to perform targeted attacks against your customers.

Traditional thinking was, by backing up your data and creating a recovery environment, you will be much less vulnerable to the threat of ransomware. Backing up is still an excellent practice, but more focus needs to be placed on avoiding ransomware and data breaches.

The best way to avoid this kind of incident is through the implementation of a layered security approach, often referred to as a security stack, and continuous end user training.

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Posted by Charles Wright