Security Awareness Training

The best policies and controls can be developed, but their success is dependent on the weakest link, typically the end user.

Information Security is everyone’s responsibility.

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The goal of Security Awareness Training is to make sure each employee understands their role and responsibility for protecting company assets.

Quanexus has partnered with the company, KnowBe4, to provide social engineering security awareness training.

In addition to Quanexus providing security awareness training for organizations, this platform has training modules that the users will be scheduled to take. On a regular basis, mock phishing emails will be generated to test the effectiveness of the training. Users will be given feedback if they clicked on a potentially evil email.

For organizations that are under regulatory, compliance, this is a fairly inexpensive method of on-going security awareness training (SAT) and can easily be added to your SAT program.

As we have mentioned in several articles, the end user can be one of the most vulnerable aspects of organizational breaches.

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Creating an open dialogue with training and a checks and balance program, the threat of ransomware, viruses and breaches in general can be greatly reduced.

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Posted by Jack Gerbs