Computer Equipment Pricing and Availability Challenges Ahead?

It is very likely that we will be seeing computer equipment price increases and potential equipment shortages in the upcoming months. With the new trade tariffs, on Chinese products, that took place on May 10th it is likely that equipment pricing may increase 15 to 25%.  Equipment shipped and in transit prior to May 10th are not affected by the new tariff rate. The tariff rate in January was 10%. On May 1st the tariff was increased to 25%. It is not clear when we will be seeing price increases.

To make matters worse,  the IT industry is coming up on a critical date, January 13, 2020. January 13th is the last official day that Microsoft will release security updates for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (all versions). After this final release Microsoft will no longer provide any support for these older operating systems making the vulnerable to new threats.  Many older computers do not have the resources to run the new server and desktop operating systems and many systems will have to be replaced. If you are still running on these older operating systems, you should plan accordingly to minimize the impact of the new tariff rate.

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Posted by Jack Gerbs in Cybersecurity, Information Security, Small Business