Cyber Attack Update

One of my favorite sites to follow is Hackmageddon.com. They keep trends on the cyber threat landscape. If you have been to one of our security seminars, you would see some screen clippings from their site. Here is a brief update on the cyber threats from April.

Motivation behind attacks:

  • 82% Cyber Crime
  • 14% Cyber Espionage
  • 3% Cyber Warfare
  • 1% Hacktivism

Attack Vectors, The Top 3 (These are tools being used for the attack)

  • 32.3% Malware (drops to 32.3% from 41.1%)
  • 20.6% Account Hijacking (Phishing Attacks push account hijackings to 20.6% from 14.2%)
  • 14% Targeted Attacks

Target Distribution, Top 4

Weighting in at number one is the Individual. The individual is targeted because they have become the lowest hanging fruit not believing that it will happen to them. Individuals are also the number #1 cause of corporate account takeover and business email compromise.

  • Individuals 17%
  • Multiple Industries 16% (small and medium sized businesses)
  • Public Admin 13%
  • Human Health etc. 10% (Hospitals, Medical practices, other health care)

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