File Sharing Options While Working From Home

Work From Home File SharingAs more employees are working from home long term, business owners are making decisions on how to keep them working securely. Today we will discuss basic cloud storage options and file sharing across a team for collaboration.

Most businesses will already have a service in place they process email through. The two most popular are Microsoft with Office 365, and Google. Both of these services also offer file storage and collaboration tools within the business suite. Microsoft offers OneDrive and SharePoint. These tools enable users to store and share files in the Microsoft Cloud. They also offer collaboration tools for users to share editing or viewing restrictions to other users. Google offers very similar tools at the business class level.

These integrated services offer a high level of security and may not add a cost to the business if you are already paying for the email services. Some businesses are shifting from a physical server to sharing files across a cloud service now that working remotely is becoming the new normal.

Other users might be looking for an independent file sharing option. Microsoft and Google are still good options in this category as well. Google offers 15GB of storage for free, with monthly pricing structures that go up for more storage. Microsoft 365 Home offers 1TB of storage, plus Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook for $100 per year.

Dropbox is another option for large file storage. They offer 2GB free, then $10 per month for 2TB. For most users, Microsoft 365 home is the best option because of the added bonus of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but for sheer file storage, Google is the winner with 2TB for $100 per year.

These “big three” options in basic file sharing, are constantly changing their plans to add more users. There are many other file sharing services out there, but these three are recognized by the industry as trusted and secure.

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