Windows 10 to Uninstall Buggy Updates

For those of you who have been following the challenges with Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates, there is help on the horizon. For those of you who weren’t following the issues, simply put, some of the updates broke hardware drivers. The hardware driver issues only affected certain accessories in the computer. The range of problems created are from sound cards not working to computers not booting (fully turning on).

While the Microsoft updates created the issues, the problems were not entirely Microsoft’s fault. Microsoft was supplied with updated drivers from major vendors, and it was these drivers that created the incompatibility issues.

With Microsoft’s next update (1903), which should be released in the next few months, they have included a roll-back feature. At this point, the roll-back feature is limited to systems that won’t complete their boot cycle. If the operating system determines that there is an issue and the boot cycle terminates, it will automatically roll back the last update making the computer usable again. This new feature will also stop the automated update process for 30 days to protect itself from re-downloading the same update.

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Posted by Jack Gerbs in Recent Posts