Other Services

Quanexus also offers a wide range of additional services such as cabling and infrastructure, fiber optic, audio visual and paging.


Fiber Optics
The future of communication lies in Fiber Optics and Fiber Optics Cabling. Quanexus provides high quality installations with attention to detail and workmanship. We provide fiber optic cable design services, cable placement, connector termination and testing services. Quanexus provides services to end users, contractors and many other industries involved in optical fiber communication technology.


Audio Visual
Today’s conference room offers many options and platforms to display and make presentations. Quanexus is pleased to offer these multi-media products and services to our clients. With ceiling mounted video projectors and motorized screens, ceiling and in-wall speakers, we provide a truly customizable audio and video experience to fit any application and budget.

In some applications, wall or ceiling mounted flat panel televisions may be more suitable and practical. This is especially true in the business environment such as waiting rooms and lobbies. DVRs, computers and even satellite receivers can be hidden out of site from your customers. We pride ourselves in offering seamless/clean installations, where wires are hidden and the equipment is “easy to use”. As each application and system requirement is unique, no job is too big or too small.


A paging system can benefit your daily business tasks in many ways. Quanexus can design and install a paging system to fit your organizations specific needs. Some of the advantages of a paging system are easily locating a co-worker within the building, playing background music, after hour phone rings over the speaker system and quick emergency mass notification.