Urgent Security Alert

Ransomeware is now being spread through DropBox

A new phishing scheme using DropBox has infected almost 350,000 systems with ransomeware (reported by SC Magazine on June 9, 2014). The new ransomeware is called CryptoWall.

An email indicating an incoming fax, ACH transaction alert or similar is being spread. The email takes you to a public DropBox folder via a web browser. The folder contains a file that is disguised as a PDF. If you open the file it executes the CryptoWall ransomeware. Good spam filters have been catching the majority of this type of traffic.

Be cautious of any emails you receive that direct you to a DropBox account.

Please make all of your employees aware of this issue.

If you require more details, please contact Quanexus’ support team at 937 885-7272

Posted by Jack Gerbs