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Work From Home CollaborationToday we will look at two collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams that could make your work-group more productive. Microsoft teams offers many advantages over other collaboration tools, the first being many businesses may already have these tools at their disposal at no added cost, if they are already running Office 365 as an email client.

Microsoft Teams provides a rich environment for users working together remotely, but more importantly, the documents and data shared on the Teams platform are secured by the enterprise level security Microsoft is known for.

We want to highlight two tools that make the Microsoft Teams platform stand out against other collaboration tools. The first is the Messaging feature. Within Teams, a user can group chat or private message. If a user uploads a Microsoft document like an Excel or PowerPoint file, the file is stored within Microsoft Teams and can be edited by multiple users within the group. This makes for a seamless workflow from discussing the work needed in the group chat, to multiple users doing the work in the shared document. Collaborating on a native Microsoft document like Excel, within Microsoft Teams, works very well. There are no third party issues that can creep up in other collaboration tools.


Another tool we think Microsoft does better than their competitor is their Meeting function. Team members can schedule and conduct virtual meetings within their work-group. The virtual meeting tool is robust with screen sharing, blurred background, and recording functions like other competitive tools. What makes Microsoft stand out is the closed captioning. Microsoft introduced live captioning, as well as captioning the recording of the meeting. Additionally, the text captioned in the recorded meeting is searchable! This makes for a highly productive tool if a team member misses a meeting and needs to go back through to find their project tasks. The team member can search for keywords around the project, or even their name.

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These tools live within the same workspace and can be accessed across PC, mobile, and web if needed. Most businesses are about a month into working remotely now. If your business is struggling to adapt to this change and looking for a solution that better fits your workflow, give us a call.

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Posted by Charles Wright