WormGPTA hacker created a Large Language Model (LLM) without the restrictions of current popular models like ChatGPT to help criminals create malicious code and emails. WormGPT is the new hacker version of ChatGPT created to assist hackers and make illegal activity more accessible to those with less experience.

The developer is selling access to the platform and wrote, “This project aims to provide an alternative to ChatGPT, one that lets you do all sorts of illegal stuff and easily sell it online in the future. Everything blackhat related that you can think of can be done with WormGPT, allowing anyone access to malicious activity without ever leaving the comfort of their home.”

The developer also showed screenshots of the LLM creating malware code in Python as evidence of its capability. WormGPT can also be used to write convincing and targeted business email compromise (BEC) phishing emails. WormGPT was created specifically without ethical boundaries or limitations.

At the same time, ChatGPT and Google Bard are taking steps to limit malicious abuse of their LLMs. Early in the year, after ChatGPT was made public, there were many examples online of criminals creating malware tools using the LLM. Hackers created and published malware tools to steal information, encrypt data, and create an underground marketplace.

The head of ChatGPT testified to Congress in May about the new technology and how government regulation will be a critical component of controlling LLMs. Last week a research study revealed that Google’s generative AI platform Bard is more likely to create malicious content than ChatGPT, showing that Google still has work to do in limiting the tool.

The malicious WormGPT was trained on GPT-J, a model mostly concerned with malware creation from 2021. The new hacker LLM is still in its infancy but represents a first step into the realm of hacker-specific AI tools.

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Posted by Charles Wright